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Sinus Surgery

Different Types of Sinus Surgery

Sinus surgery encompasses various procedures performed by your local ear, nose, and throat doctor to provide relief from sinus complications. The goal is to open the pathways of your sinus cavities and clear any blockages. Sinus surgery is typically a last resort for ENT's…

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Hearing Lodd

5 Ways to Prevent Hearing Loss

Hearing is one of the human senses that should not be taken for granted. It starts as a developmental factor in children, teaches them language and life experiences, and becomes an essential element in maintaining relationships and participating in certain…

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Cameillia ENT Vertigo

How Vertigo Relates to Inner Ear Issues

Vertigo is the sensation of disorientation or dizziness that leaves you feeling extremely unbalanced. Many that suffer from vertigo describe the sensation as their head is spinning or that everything is spinning around them. Those who have experienced the uncomfortable…

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